What We Do


As COVID-19 cases began to appear mid-March 2020 the immigrant community in Yolo County, including many essential workers, saw an uphill battle of affording rent given that many businesses downsized or closed their doors during the height of the pandemic.

However, we saw Yolo County mobilize to help ensure immigrant families could stay housed and safe. Several community activists approached Yolo Interfaith Immigration Network (YIIN) who then fiscally sponsored The ApoYolo Project. A group of local bi-lingual volunteers established trusting relationships with many immigrant families, learning their most pressing financial needs and directing funds to assist them during the pandemic.

Through community donations and grants, ApoYolo covered 25% of the rents for 65 Spanish-speaking families in Yolo County for 18 months, ending September 2021. ApoYolo connected the families with local organizations such as Empower Yolo and the Yolo Food Bank and delivered food if a family member became infected with COVID. ApoYolo participated in community outreach, providing current information to families about how and where to receive COVID vaccinations. The program helped provide funding for unexpected medical expenses, transportation to medical appointments, and assistance in filling out paperwork to receive financial support. ApoYolo even coordinated some families in finding more affordable housing with accommodating landlords

Through the collaboration of community agencies, committed volunteers, local government support, and YIIN’s not-for-profit’s receiving of donations and grants ApoYolo was able to respond to the needs of many families.